Welcome to my website! I’m Regan and this is where I share all my favourite things in my day to day life, as a SFU student studying communications from home, in North Vancouver. I invite you to join me in creating healthy recipes, visiting various restaurants in Vancouver, travelling and more. Hope you enjoy.

“The greatest wealth is health”- Virgil

When the first Covid lockdown happened last March, I was in my grade 12 year of high school. The school year ended 3 months early, so I was left with a lot of time on my hands. I was always into health and nutrition, but I really used this time to focus on myself, and that included fuelling my body better than I had in the past. I looked forward to learning new recipes everyday and finding what I enjoyed. Throughout my website you will come across multiple foods and recipes that I loved during this time, and I still make to this day.