Raising a Puppy in Quarantine

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In October we decided to add an addition to our family! We got an 8-week-old French bulldog named Jax. Throughout the ongoing pandemic there has been a huge rise in the number of pet owners across North America. Since so many people have been home, it’s a great time to have your full attention on a new pet. This raises some concern about what will happen to these pets when people return to their offices, and students to university.

Currently school is online so my sister and I so we have had a lot more time to train, walk and look after Jax in this early stage when he needs a lot of attention. Jax is now 5 months old and it has been so much fun watching him grow up. My favourite skill he has developed it to come quickly when we blow a whistle in the house. With the use of a “high pay” treat we are hoping to continue to develop this skill outside so he comes no matter what else is distracting him. This is such an important safely measure as it can save a dog’s life should they be in danger.


Even though it’s been great that we’ve had so much time to raise our little guy we have slowly come to realize he might have some separation anxiety. We have since been working on this by leaving for a minimum of 30 min a day so he can experience being alone in his play pen. It’s only been a few weeks, but he definitely is starting to adapt to this new routine. We are certain our new puppy will be well taken care of even when the pandemic is behind us.

Another challenge that has come up was ensuring he is socialized with the current Covid situation, as its very important for young puppies to socialize early on so they can be comfortable in all circumstances such as; meeting new dogs on a walk, meeting strangers, and going to the vet. While practicing social distancing we have ensured he is meeting other dogs on a regular basis and experiencing many different environments.


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