Peer Reviews

Peer Review #1

This week i am reviewing:

We are now at the point in our Publishing class that we are reviewing our peer’s blogs. I was assigned It is clear from the Home page and title that this is a blog about film. I really liked the Vision Board summarizing movies for inspiration. I also thought the meme was creative featuring Bernie Saunders titled, “Bernie-fying the plight of Kevin Spacey”.  The layout and aesthetic look of the website is simple and it makes sense, considering the topic, that black and grey was used as a theme colour.

Overall the content is interesting and she does a good job of including photos. The Mini-Assignment #2, where Matt Garetty is interviewed, is very well written and gives the reader good context to better understand the character. I like the way quotes are incorporated throughout the blog as an image, as well as the use of many links (that work). Well done!

I definitely sympathized with Sarah’s Process Post on the challenges she was having setting up WordPress, purchasing the domain and getting up to speed on the technical side. It is nice to know I am not the only one as at times I felt like giving up.

I found it a bit difficult to find the process posts as it wasn’t in the main menu. Once I found it I noticed there were so far only two process posts under the process post menu and I believe there could have been a few more connections to the course reading materials. As of now there are only two published blogs, but I am sure there is more to come and I’m looking forward to reading them! The front page as of now, is “under construction” but Sarah left a note saying it will be completed in the future.

The “About me” section was well written and I thought it was great to learn about the person behind the website. I think it would be nice to see a bit more personalization throughout the rest of the website connecting back to some things mentioned in this section. A social media link of any sort could also be a nice touch to personalize the website more.

I think the topic of cinema/movies will offer a lot of options for creative content going forward. I think Cinema Gum is going to be a successful place to create a “digital garden”. I am interested to see how the site develops and to get more input on movies to watch!

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