Peer Reviews

Peer Review #2 – Website Design

For my #2 peer review I have been asked to review – Taylor Sayson “alright, lets get pretty”, a lifestyle blog on beauty and fashion tips.

Theme and Customization

On first impression I really like the minimalist design of Taylor’s site. Her use of white space and many photos made me think it was a lifestyle blog from the start. It also makes her home page very inviting. I thought her choice to focus on two specific aspects of lifestyle, beauty and fashion, was a good choice because it separates her from other lifestyle bloggers, as well it lends itself to been able to customize her content and her site. As Travis Gertz states in his article “Design Machines. How to survive in the digital Apocalypse” there are so many ways we can now track visitors on our sites, but the data doesn’t tell the whole story that human connection does (Gertz, 2015). I thought Taylor’s site gives the reader an idea of who she is in a unique way with each piece of content reflecting her personality. I think adding a bit more colour to the front page and to the titles of other pages would be eye catching.

Writing, Typography and Links

Taylor has used links and listed resources very well while incorporating our course readings. Her writing is interesting and I could relate to her Process Posts on how learning WordPress is challenging. I would like to have found more blog posts on beauty and fashion tips, but I assume this is an area she is still developing. I really enjoyed her post on her microbladed/ombred eyebrows.  I think adding the video for her #3 Mini Assignment was a good choice. Knowing how time consuming content is to write, I can relate to what Erin Kissane is referring to in her article “Contents May Have Shifted” regarding creating a database of content to use as needed that is flexible to different environments (Kissane, 2013).

Social Media Integration

I couldn’t find any links to her social media accounts on her website. She does have a widget that displays the music she is currently liking which is a nice touch. Adding links to Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform would help tell her story.

Site Structure and Usability

I thought her categories were user friendly as she has separated blogs from her academic work, which is further broken down by assignments.

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