Peer Reviews

Peer Review #3: Audiences and Channels

This week I reviewed a peer’s website –

Overall I liked Chi’s website as instantly you know its food related by her photo image. I also thought her website was easy to navigate and the menu was well organized. I am a big proponent of healthy eating versus dieting (I am actually working on a blog post about this topic) so I could relate to her content and would visit her website outside of Pub 101. I like how she used minimalistic colours. It made it seem clean even in areas that were more filled out. I also loved how she had pictures of food right away from the start, so you know what the websites about and for me (someone who loves food) you get excited to look into what she’s going to be talking about.

Regarding technical aspects of her layout, I love her overall minimalist and clean design. Her live image of the pancakes and syrup is great. I also thought she did a good job of tagging and adding social media widgets. The addition of interesting articles (fun facts) she likes is a good idea to create credibility which she has listed on the right side of her home page.At the bottom of her screen she does have a large blank spot, however this is an easy fix. I would’ve also loved to see a couple more personal photos so as the reader, i can have a bit more of a connection with who’s creating the site

According to Trevor Battye from Clevers Media, who presented to our Publishing class there are many option to use a Blog for marketing purposes. There are so many opportunities on Chi’s site to monetize with advertising, by linking to product sites. Trevor also spoke to our class about using Adsense and Google Analytics to understand your audience and what they are clicking.  Once you understand your audience it is important for them to find you by using strong keywords in the title of your Blogs.  I think Chi could capture a lot of followers as her content is interesting and useful for someone starting a healthy eating plan as she offers recipes and nutritional information.