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Process Post #1: Talking To Strangers Is Good For Your Health

In the article “How to Talk to Strangers” James Hamblin explains that talking to strangers is good for your health. I think most of us wish we could talk to more strangers right now. This global pandemic has taught me many things, one being that I want to talk to strangers! Whether it’s saying a “hello”, or a “thank you” when walking into a store or passing a neighbour. Hamblin points out in his article that research has demonstrated that people who talk to strangers are not only happier, but are more creative. Our world is very polarized right now and it’s easy to stick with not only who you know, but what you know. The time has never been better to talk not only to strangers in person (at six feet away), but to find authentic connections with people on line including people you don’t always agree with. Hamblin points out in his article that he agrees with Kio Stark who provides incite in her book When Strangers Meet. Stark explains that there is a line between knowing someone, because you talked to them, and a stranger. It takes a bit of technique and some will to cross that line, but doing so may just make your day.

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