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Process Post #2: Learning WordPress and Vision Board

No one said learning WordPress in a short period of time, in order not to fall behind on assignments, was going to be easy. With the help of Google and YouTube I have been able to get my website up and running. I can’t underestimate how I started from scratch here. I now know the difference between a static page and a post! I would say I have come a long way in two weeks. There are many design ideas I have, but I need to continue to learn the technology in order to implement them. I can see how developing a website blog evolves over time. I did create a vision board for the style I would like my website to convey. I would like to have text around my photos and change my font so those are things I will work on next. Although I follow companies and people on Instagram – I haven’t followed many bloggers. I did some research and I have found many I like for style and design, and some I like for content. Some of my favourites include: – lifestyle – lifestyle – career and lifestyle – lifestyle – food and Vancouver – food – fashion and photography by Scott Schuman

Above is my vision board. I decided to make a vision board/collage to show the themes, colours, activities and mood i am planning on incorporating into my website. I used the app “pic collage” to create it. I found it was very easy to overlap, shrink and grow photos to my liking.I look forward to creating my website and doing cool and fun projects like this, along the way.

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