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Process Post #3: “How I Got My Attention Back”

“How I Got My Attention Back”

In the article “How I Got My Attention Back” Craig Mod talks about the digital world we live in and how reliant we all are on the internet. There is no doubt the internet has shortened our attention span. We struggle each day to make room for the massive amount of information searched and posted each day. In 2020 it has been estimated that there are 4.4 million blog posts per day. Mod believes that taking time away from this online vortex makes him feel grounded, and in control of his emotions. Furthermore he believes getting your attention back can lead to a healthier mind. I don’t know if I could be offline for a month. I mean, I could do it, but I wouldn’t like it. Now that we are a year into the pandemic the thought of it makes me feel stressed. The current pandemic has launched us ten years into the future with more tasks been conducted on line, more eCommerce sites created, and even university been online. Mod’s compromise, to train yourself to take time off for a portion of each day, seems more realistic for me. Just like we should take time off from our traditional news consumption for our mental health during these challenging times, we should do the same with our online activity.  Take a break – try a new recipe, go for a walk, do a yoga class – you will be surprised how good it will make you feel.

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