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Process Post #4: Website Update

I am having some design challenges with my site. I have a clear idea of what I want and have many ideas regarding what to add, but I am still struggling with the technical side of WordPress. I need to work on fonts and the design of each page including how my posts are found on my home page. I also need to add many elements such as my favourite cookbooks, more of my own photos and information on some people I follow on Instagram who focus on healthy eating. Writing the blogs and process posts have also been time consuming. I am hoping as I get my design elements updated the rest will fall into place. After reading Tanya Basu’s article on “digital gardens” I have a greater understanding as to what it means to create your own space on your blog. I like the idea of creating a quiet space to call my own. Your blog should be a place to collect what you like whether its photos or ideas or creativeness. The main inspiration I acquired from Basu is that a “digital garden” should show growth. I am hopeful that my website at the end of the semester will have developed to something closer to what I inspire it to be.

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