Process Posts

Process Post #5: Design Elements + WordPress

I have spent some time revising my website after reviewing the design. I have researched other blogs and websites to find design elements I like based on our last lecture. My review of scrutinizing of other sites was very helpful in providing me with ideas to include on my own website and to decide on what changes I need to make. I have profiled my favourites in a previous process post, but a new one I like is   I also reviewed the Peer Review that was conducted on my website. The comments provided were very useful and I will be implementing the suggestions made. Specifically I agree that more photos are required.

I understand now that my website is set up to be updated using a block editor rather than classic editor. This means I use blocks to add content such as paragraphs and images. I am looking into more information on block patterns and templates which will hopefully help me to showcase my photos so they are more visually appealing. I also hope the block editor can lead me in the right direction to allow me to wrap text around my photos. I spent hours trying to figure out how to add a widget that would include a list of my favourite cookbooks. I decided to go with to organize my selections. I found it very straightforward to use this website and to select cookbooks I wanted to include on my website. The more challenging aspect was trying to link my widget to the Goodreads website so the books I highlighted and reviewed would be listed on both platforms. I finally was able to make it work and I have to say I was quite proud of myself for figuring it out.