Process Posts

Process Post #6:Website Updates/Peer Review Suggestions

My website was reviewed last week by Taylor Sayson. I thought overall many of her comments made sense and I definitely plan on adopting some of her suggestions. Her first point was that the block header on my home page, which is currently pink and tan should include another pink block on the bottom. Taylor’s point was that it wasn’t balanced and perhaps there needs to be a pink thin bar on the bottom like there is on top.  This is something I will look into but I am not sure if there is an option to include another block. The suggestion she made which I have already changed was her comment that my process posts looked very plain in that I don’t have any photos included and therefore when you click on “Process Posts” from my menu bar you just see text after text separated by the title. I have now added in some photos and I agree it looks much more inviting and interactive.  I also agree with her comment on my widget showing my “Goodread” suggestions. She is correct, however, that getting this to work technically was not easy and I am not sure if there is a way to change the format so the widget blends in better with the aesthetics of my website. This is something I will also be looking into. I also agreed with Taylor’s suggestion to add a Pinterest widget which is something I had thought of already so I will also look at adding this. Other good suggestions included categorizing my Blogs by topic. Now that I have at least six blogs I will look into creating sub-titles. Lastly, Taylor suggested to have my photos on my home page be “clickable” perhaps linked to a blog topic. I really like this idea and so I will be working on setting this up next.