Process Posts

Process Post #7: Making Changes

The closer we get to the end of the semester and the end of this class, the higher my expectations are for my website. This past week I spent time “redesigning” my home page. Generally, I was happy with the design overall, but I knew I could improve it now that I understand WordPress a little more. I felt my home page was very plain and didn’t really have a colour theme. First, I set out to research how to place a photo as my header instead of a solid colour. I felt this made my home page so much more interesting and really added character. I love the photo I chose as it is clean, beautiful and interesting. I then decided to make the other photos a similar colour, nude/beige, so they all went together as part of a theme. I am so happy with what I was able to achieve with just these small changes. In doing this I’ve realized how much I’ve really learned so far using WordPress and I’m looking forward to continuing to apply my new skills and grow my website.

            My next “project” to work on for my website will be redesigning my “About Me” page. I plan to include more photos that represent who I am and add more personal touches to my website. I will also include a small edit to my paragraph explaining who I am by adding why I am taking Publishing 101 and why I chose the degree I chose.