Process Posts

Process Post #8: Personalizing Touches

This week i set out to Personalize my website as much as possible. I did this by adding to my “About Me” section. I added more about my education and where I see my future going. I also added many more photos based on my life, family, friends and where i live.

My “About Me” before:

My “About Me” after I made changes:

I then added a Pinterest widget as I use Pinterest on a daily basis as inspo for everyday things, from nails, to hair styles, room ideas and outfits.My Pinterest boards are personalized to my interests and tastes so it’s a great way to share a part of myself with readers. The last thing I did to personalize my website was to add a bit more to my intro on my “welcome:)” page, as well as add quotes that connect to my theme. My “Welcome:)” page is the first thing you see on my website. It’s important to me to clearly state what my websites about, who i am, to have an eye catching theme and for it to be a reflection of who am using colours and photos.

The next change I made was talking about why I chose the main theme for my blog (healthy eating) and added some inspiration pictures to take up white space and add a personal touch.